Finally in Rome


I am writing this post from the comfort of my Zio Stefano’s and Zia Cristina’s beautiful home in….Rome!

My flight from SFO to Frankfurt was not the most comfortable of rides.  A very kind, but very stressed out mother was sitting next to me.  The poor lady was traveling alone with five children under the age of 7. I felt so bad for her that I offered to basically watch her 18 month old twins for the duration of the flight.  Fortunately they slept almost the entire flight (thanks to some baby benadryl from the mom).  However, the twins slept on my lap for those 10 hours. Very, very cute in theory – a little too cozy in real life.  Regardless she insisted on paying me a small fortune when we landed, so I’m thinking a nice new scarf is in my future.

So after about 16 sleepless hours, I took a wonderfully long nap before having a delicious dinner of pizza con mia famiglia.

Tomorrow my uncle is dropping me off at the B&B where my best friend, Mary (the one who I am studying abroad with) and her family are staying.  We will go and hear the Pope speak and enjoy a nice lunch downtown before Mary says bye to her family and stays with me at Zio&Zia’s for the night.

Now that I have given you the play-by-play its time for me to call it a day!

Buona Notte!



One thought on “Finally in Rome

  1. What Francesca didn’t mention was that poor German woman recently lost her American husband in a car accident and she was returning to Germany to live with her family. You cannot not believe in Providence when an experienced nanny like Francesca was placed next to this woman and her children, lending them assistance. I am very proud of you, poppet!

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