Papa Francis

Hello friends!

Today I had the great privilege of spending the holiest day of the week with one of America’s holiest families, the Yadgirs.  As if I wasn’t already overwhelmed enough by the presence of the Holy Spirit, we went to the Vatican to the listen to the angelus of the beloved Pope Francis.  

The weather was absolutely horrendous, as it was POURING rain.  And then it hailed. And then rained some more, this time harder than I ever thought imaginable. And then some more hail. But true to form, Dr. Yadgir had a punny joke about the “Hail” Mary. He then proceeded to say a few Hail Mary’s and wait for it…the rain instantly stopped and the clouds parted.  I can imagine how giddy all the Catholics reading this (mom) just got.

Shortly thereafter Pope Francis appeared in the window to give his talk.  The highlights were his announcement of a trip to the Middle East where he will help collaborate with political leaders and try and facilitate moves toward peace in Palestine and Israel.

I was lucky enough in 2009 to be in St. Peter’s Basilica where Pope Benedict was saying Christmas Eve mass.  It is difficult to put into words how moving it was to participate in a mass being said by the Pope.  It was easily one of the most profound faith experiences I have ever had.

I digress…back to Papa Francis.  I was able to snap a few great pictures of him, my personal favorite is the one where he is waving to the people. Mary and I also had shameless fun taking selfies with the Pope in the background.  That blasphemous behavior likely gave us a few extra years in purgatory.

Thats all for now! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! I am off to try and watch the 49ers beat the Packers on a very illegal website that is destined to be shutdown by the American government at any moment.  Peace and love y’all.

Thank you for reading!


Mary and I were thrilled about the rain, clearly.








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