Making New Friends (Somehow)

Hello everyone!

It had been a few days since my last post, and because of that I have much to report!

On Tuesday Mary and I went to campus to find out where we are living and to begin the orientation process.  We were ecstatic when we found out that we are in fact living together. We have 5 other roommates, but as of right now only 3 have arrived.  Our roommates smell, are rude, and are no fun.  KIDDING. Mary and I could not be happier with Julia, Meghan, and Sarah.  They all go to school in the Midwest, are incredibly sweet, and best of all….NORMAL!!! Yay!!

Even more exciting, our apartment is literally right next to the Vatican.  Ugh, such a rough life I live.   Needless to say there will be many more selfies being taken with the Pope. I believe the additional years in purgatory count is now up to 7.  But hey, when in Rome right?

On Wednesday we reported to campus again, but this time for a full day of orientation.  I would like to think of myself as a social person, but my self-deprecating humor isn’t as charming as I think it is most of the time.  With that said, I suggested to Mary that we lightly pre-game orientation, to which she responded. “Francesca its 8:30 in the morning.” And so instead of having wine with my biscotto, I had milk.

Shockingly, I was able to be social and make new friends without liquid courage. I am very happy to say that John Cabot University is a beautiful school, filled with nice students from across the United States and world.  I am not sure how challenging I anticipate the curriculum being (I’ll let you know after my first day of classes), but regardless I am certain that I chose the right school.

On Wednesday night a large group of us went out to Campo di Firori.  I discovered that if you order drinks in Italian, you get free ones.  Can’t say that I was mad about it.

Yesterday was a fairly lazy day.  Mary and I enjoyed a panini and pizza a few doors down from our apartment at this lovely little bakery.  Buona, buona!

That’s all for now, again I’m pretty sure it is only my mother reading – so if your name isn’t Kathy Pompili, I greatly appreciate you taking a look at what this vagabond has been up to!




Princess Maria outside of our apartment.


The faces of two girls who just found out that they aren’t homeless.




Campus AKA why I will be going to class.


 She offers me friendship out of pity.


Order your scotch&soda in Italian…


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