Free Toilet Paper


In just 30 short minutes THE Kathy and Mario Pompili will be touching down in Rome. Mario has informed me that he has many activities planned (fingers crossed that they all include food), and Kathy is hand delivering me a fresh bottle of Siracha. Subsequently, we will venture out to the grocery store where my beloved givers of life will generously provide me with endless amounts of toilet paper. Who knew that stuff was so darn pricey when you’re paying for it yourself! I’m telling you friends, it’s the little things in life.

Oh of course I’m also excited to spend quality time with two of the best people in a beautiful country. It will be quite strange though, being in Italy with my parents but not my brothers. But something tells me that I’ll get over it, seeing as how Stephen and Edward are working and Joseph is being buried in snow. Yeah, come to think of it, I’m fine.

Now it’s 26 minutes people! 26! YAYAYAY!!!!!

I’m so giddy that the two tests I have this evening aren’t even on my mind….
Kidding Mom&Dad, my study break is over.

Happy Hump Day,




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