It’s Been Awhile

Hello my friends!

I have been so bad about updating the blog on weekends. I am sure that literally no one is anxiously awaiting for me to post something, therefore I don’t feel too bad about my delayed entries. Since my last post, I’ve seen my parents and gone to Acuto (the town where my grandparents were from), had SLU friends visit from Madrid, and traveled to Morocco. So yeah, it’s been fairly boring lately….

Tomorrow I plan on posting some photos from Acuto, and writing about my wonderful weekend in Morocco. It was easily the coolest culture I’ve ever been exposed to. Ah, I miss it already.

I apologize for how scattered this brief update is, I am currently taking a break from trying to memorize my lines for my oral Italian presentation (sometimes I forget I’m here to go to school…kidding Mario!)

In other news, I registered for the San Francisco half marathon today. Basically that means that I will (hopefully) not come back from the land of carbs that is Italy 15+ pounds heavier. In all seriousness, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I figure now is as good a time as any. It will be this July. I’m very excited!

Also, one of the families that I nanny for had a beautiful baby girl a few days ago! Congratulations to the Polly family on the birth of the adorable Eve Marion. Wish I was home to visit and drool over those cheeks! I am so excited to see Eve, and the rest of the gang this summer!

Well, I think that’s about it. Tomorrow after my presentation (unless I wither away in shame after forgetting all of my lines), I will share with you all (aka Kathy Pompili) my glorious time in Morocco. I’ll also give the details of the beautiful wedding I had there with Ahmed, my camel’s keeper. It was like a dream, or was it a dream? You’ll soon find out.

May you all have a wonderful Monday evening while this vagabond curses her parents for not speaking to her in Italian as a child.




A sneak peak into the wedding album.


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