Hi y’all,

For whatever reason my Morocco post I wrote a while back refuses to upload. It’s probably the Man Upstairs telling me to check my grammar and delete the part explaining to my parents that I’m now engaged to my camel’s (handsome) keeper. Nevertheless, I will continue to try and post it.

Since my last post I’ve traveled to Orvieto (a small, historically Etruscan town), Acuto again to spend the weekend with my wonderful great Zio Paolo and great Zia Elizabetta (and other family), and have continued to explore Rome.

Currently I am sitting on a bus from Dublin to Galway….because ITS SPRING BREAK!!! For the next ten days I will be in Ireland, Amsterdam, and Prague. Life really is so difficult.

This morning I toured the International Mercy Centre in Dublin, which is the original Sister’s of Mercy House opened by the incredible Catherine McCauley. If you know me (and that I peaked in high school), then I’m sure you can imagine how ecstatic I was the entire tour. My roommate Julia is also a loyal Mercy girl, and we were in awe for the 2 hours we were there. We walked on the same (original) floors as Catherine, touched her grave, and had tea with the sassiest nun ever. Bliss, my friends, pure bliss.

In Galway I will stay with my best friend Anne Mullahy, as she is studying there for the semester. I am incredibly excited to hug my little Annie and have our first (legal) drink together! Eeekkk!!

That’s all for now from this vagabond! Time to go for a run (training for a 1/2 marathon abroad was a questionable idea), and then go find some old men in a pub to drink with! Kidding, mom. Mary and I will do no such thing. Who am I kidding I am overjoyed to be back in this country and Guinness is my favorite beer. Yayayay!!

Cheers y’all,


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