Spring Break

Hi y’all! I’m writing from the Star Alliance lounge in the Munich airport. Shoutout to Mario and his frequent flyer number. Holla.

Spring break was 10 days of nonstop travel and unlimited amounts of chaos. I loved it.

I started out in Galway, Ireland. I mentioned in my last post how I toured the Mercy International Centre, cried with happiness, and the headed to Galway. In Galway I was very graciously hosted by the lovely Annie Mullahy. We snuggled for 4 nights. It was magical. My first day in Galway, I was out for a run and wondered a little to far off the path. I came across a shaggy (but cute!) dog in a fairly desolate area. I approached the dog, started talking to it (him?), and reached out to pet him right as he started growling. The dog then proceeded to charge at me, causing me to run like Bradley Cooper was waiting for me with In-N-Out. I was already 3 miles into my run when I had stopped to pet the K9, but thanks to this dog I got a solid 5 miles in that day. Clearly I do not have my mother’s way with animals.

While in Ireland I traveled to the incredible Cliffs of Moher. To say one feels insignificant while there is an understatement. The cliffs were absolutely breathtaking. With no railing or fences, it’s just you walking on the edge of God’s creation. What a beautiful artist He is.

Of course I enjoyed a few pints here and there with my girl Annie and her twins sister Katherine who was visiting, along with some of the lovely friends Annie has made at school. It was foamy fun.

It was sad to say bye to little Annie, as I have dearly missed her. She is so in her element in Galway and her most wonderful qualities truly shine in her homeland. I’m so happy for the brilliant experience she is having!

On St. Patty’s day, Mary and I headed to Amsterdam (cheap flights okay?!?). We met up with our roommate Meghan and a few other friends at our super cool hostel, the Flying Pig. We hung out at the hostel bar and somehow managed to be social.

The highlights of Amsterdam included visiting the house of Anne Frank, vintage shoppe shopping, the fries, and the Heineken brewery tour. My favorite was easily the house of Anne Frank. They museum did a wonderful job of taking visitors back in time. The most sobering part of the tour was walking into Anne’s actual bedroom. The windows had blackout curtains and she only had one wall with posters and magazine clips that her father brought her to make it feel more like “home”. Otto Frank was an incredibly courageous and selfless man, something I never truly appreciated until after this tour. May none of us ever forget the Frank family and all the other victims of that horrendous time.

Overall, Amsterdam was an interesting place. People are very curious, but kind. There is really no rhyme or reason to the city, yet it all functions harmoniously. Despite there not being a whole lot to see, it’s very pretty and the canal streets are adorable. Also there are fries and hotdogs EVERYWHERE. Blissful.

After the Netherlands, my 3 roommates and I made our way to one of my new favorite cities, Prague. We took a 16 hour bus, which wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, and arrived in the Czech Republic at sunrise. Prague is absolutely stunning. The architecture was so unique and interesting. Some of the buildings where light pink with terre cotta roofs, yet they were visually appealing. Food was so darn good, and the beer was plentiful. The beauty of Eastern Europe is that it’s cheap. Cheap is wonderful when one’s ballin’ on a budget like yours truly. I was able to purchase a few pairs of beautiful handmade earrings and watercolor art, AND I didn’t have to sacrifice a meal to do so!

Highlights from Prague were walking around stunning old town, visiting the Palace, buying art on the bridge, and the showers at our awesome hostel (water pressure!!!!). Oh and a pub crawl the roomies and I did one night. Why we did a pub crawl in Prague, I’m unsure, but let me tell you it was quite eventual. Despite myself being the only one to emerge untouched, others in the group had a blast (although they were not so lucky the next morning.) Aside from dignity being nowhere to be found, a piccell phone (Mary) was also missing the next morning. Long live Mary’s super cool European cell phone.

On Sunday morning, we all sleepily made our way to the airport to begin the journey back to Rome. We all had a blast on spring break, but we were all ready to be back at our apartment. Our feet hurt and our wallets were painfully light.

As usual, with all this travel I am reminded how deeply blessed I am to be experiencing the many different places and cultures the world has to offer. Although I sometimes feel guilty traveling so much during the Lenten season – given that it is a time of sacrifice and minimalism, I am reminded to seek Christ in the different places I visit.

That’s all for now! Like I said before I am currently in the Munich airport. I am waiting for a group of my Kappa Delta sisters to arrive from Madrid! I am SO excited to finally see them all, especially my redheaded big – the Sarah O’Connell. It’s been far too long since she and I tried to feign a like for affection. Eeekk!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!











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