For No Reason At All

Hello All,

Last night I went to bed shortly after posting my update. I then had a dream that Brandon Crawford told me that he loves his wife but he is in love with me and wanted to take me out. He told me he was reading my blog and just knows I’m the one for him. However, Timmy Lincecum and that stash of his that just does it for me, BURST into the Giants clubhouse (where BCraw found me), and told me that he had been waiting for me since January to come home.

Normally I dream about hamburgers talking to me (my mother actually gets worried when I tell her that), so hunky baseball players fighting over me was a lovely change.

Just before I woke up I told Brandon that I was in love with him too, but had too much pride to be his second wife (just blushed as I typed that). Subsequently, Timmy and I enjoyed a nice date in the Marina. He was very talkative, but ate off my plate (I don’t share food). Can’t have it all I guess.

Why am I sharing this? Well because if that dream doesn’t explain how PUMPED I am to be going home…and more importantly going to AT&T park all summer long…then I don’t know what does.

Go Giants,



Long Overdue Update

Hi everyone! Not that anyone actually really, and truly cares, I still apologize for my lack of blog updates. Since my last post I’ve traveled to…. -Portugal -Cinque Terre -Acuto (again) & surrounding towns -Norway -Turkey And I’m currently in … Continue reading