Long Overdue Update

Hi everyone!

Not that anyone actually really, and truly cares, I still apologize for my lack of blog updates.

Since my last post I’ve traveled to….
-Cinque Terre
-Acuto (again) & surrounding towns
And I’m currently in Santorini, Greece.

Also since my last post my mother visited again, proving that I am truly the favorite child, I finished my finals, and moved out of my apartment in Rome. The semester has come to an end and (cliche I know) it’s very bittersweet. I love Europe and being close to my Italian family, but Palo Alto is home. I miss California dearly. I’m sure it sounds silly, missing the US given all the incredible places I’ve had the privilege of traveling to. But, if you’re from the Bay Area you know exactly what I’m talking about. There is no greater place on this earth than where I am from. Again, I’m aware that that might sound foolish to some. But if I could pick anywhere in the world to be tomorrow, California will always be the answer. I love my home, and more importantly, I love being home. And fine, I’ll admit it…I REALLYmiss Mexican food.

But despite that, I will still be very sad to leave Europe in a couple of days. These last 5 months have been quite unreal. I’ve had basically zero responsibilities, the ability to travel just about anywhere, delicious food all around me at all times, be with some of my dearest friend from college, and make lovely new friends as well. I saw my Italian family regularly, my parents visited on multiple occasions, and I lived next-door to my BFF Papa Francesco. So yeah, life has been pretty darn sweet.

Will reality be difficult to go back to? Possibly. However I consider myself so very lucky because despite being so sad to leave what I call “the good life”, I am so excited for all the wonderful things that are waiting for me at home. What more could one ask for?

My mother recently asked me if I think I’ve changed since going abroad. Aside from my waistline and bank account, I think the changes are fairly minimal. I’ve definitely become more independent, but not in the way one might think. I’ve always prided myself on being competent and not relying on others to get things done. However, I have never had the ballz to eat alone at restaurant. Now I do. I feel more self-assured and independent in the little things like that. I guess you could say I’ve become more confident? Lol, maybe because I know I’ll never see any of the people I embarrass myself in front of in foreign lands, I feel empowered. So if I follow that logic, I’ll likely just be the same old me back in the states. But anyways, I am coming home with plenty of kilos to shed and a lot of appreciation for where I am from and who I am from (is that even an expression?) aka Kathy and Mario. My parents are true homies to say the least. Mario, I apologize for using that idiotic language. And Kathy, I apologize for rambling.

ANYWAYS, to sum this up….I heart Europe, I have lived in a dream for 5 months, never wanna leave yet can’t wait to be home, I need to work on my grammar and writing, I should probably go do something productive.

4 days until in back in America….

Sending love and feta (so darn good here) from Santorini….







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