Hello! A few months back, my parents had a considerable lapse in their good judgement and decided that it was acceptable for their 19 year old daughter to spend 5 long months “studying” in Rome.  Perhaps my ESL father was so willing to ship his favorite child off to the EU because he only heard the words “school” and “Rome”, which in his mind translated to, “Francesca will be attending church with my brother every Sunday and I can still monitor her bank account.” Either way, I am just a tad excited to be putting my Italian citizenship to good use while eating and drinking (church wine only of course) through Europe.  Also, as if luck wasn’t already on my side, I was able to enroll in a university that is only 20 minutes away from my wonderful family who live in the more suburban areas of Rome.  At this point I am pretty sure only my mother has read this far, so I will finish by saying that the point of this blog is to document and share my vagabond adventures.  I promise to make it more photos (with plenty of attractive filters), than lengthy journal entries.  And for that, you’re welcome.



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